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I’m Sherry Gray, and I write books that will take you on magical adventures, introduce you to exciting characters, and make you laugh and smile.

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I believe that books have the power to inspire, teach, and entertain, and I’m thrilled to share my stories with you. So come on in, explore my books, and let’s go on an adventure together!

Cora Goes To School

“Cora Goes to School” is about a little girl that enjoys playing in the summer and making new friends, like all children. Summer is over and now Cora will attend school for the first time and be away from her family.  She is quite nervous.

Through this challenging experience, Cora learns the power of friendship and how helping others can bring comfort to your own world.

Cora's Spelling Bee

Cora’s Spelling Bee is about the anxiety that children can experience when their voice is not heard. This book also teaches skills that children and adults can use to create a space of calmness during stressful moments.

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As the author of these books, I am excited to share my work with you. My passion for writing began at a young age, and I have been honing my craft ever since.

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"Where stories come alive and dreams take flight."

Sherry Gray is a children’s author with a passion for storytelling and inspiring young minds. Their books are filled with vibrant illustrations and heartwarming messages that encourage kids to explore the world around them.


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